How much time do you spend.... ummm... getting busy?

Wish we could spend the whole day here

Wish we could spend the whole day here

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According to a new survey, the average couple has sex for 69 minutes a week.  Does that sound like A LOT to anyone?

That's based on an average of nine times per month, lasting for about 33 minutes each time. That seems VERY high, but maybe they're including all of the foreplay and awkward conversation afterwards as part of the total?  Or . . . dare I say . . . they finessed the numbers to make it a nice, round 69?

Anyway, if you multiply it out, that means the average couple is having sex 108 times a year for a total of about 60 hours.  The survey also found that 52% of couples almost always SCHEDULE when they're going to get it on . . . but only one out of five find that scheduling it makes it more romantic than just letting it happen spontaneously.

And the main reasons people have to schedule it are:  Figuring out a time when the kids won't be around or awake . . . you're too busy to have it happen spontaneously . . . and that's the best way to make sure you'll get-it-on more often.