Doing Good: Family builds special dog high chair to save dog's life!

Not long ago, Doug and Grace Jones received some bad news about their beloved dog, Daisy. The veterinarian explained that Daisy had a medical condition that would make it difficult for her body to get food and water from her throat down to her stomach.

But instead of feeling helpless about the situation, Doug -- who happens to do woodworking as a hobby -- immediately set about to solve the problem.

He and his brother, Brian, designed and built a special high chair to help Daisy eat and drink. When it's mealtime, Daisy hops into the chair, which the family says was "made with love," and is able to enjoy her food and drink with as much comfort as possible.

At first, everyone was worried that Daisy would have a touch time adjusting. But, there was no need for that worry, as Daisy quickly figured out how to hop into her chair all by herself -- and even learned how to pull her special food tray to exactly the right spot

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