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When do babies PEAK in cuteness?

Mom smiling at newborn at hospital

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There's an old "Seinfeld" episode where they go to see their friend's new baby, and it's HIDEOUS.  But maybe they just needed to wait a few months . . .

According to a new study, most infants don't hit PEAK CUTENESS until they're about six months old.

People were shown photos of babies at various ages.  And the average person said six months was the cutest age.  Newborns were rated as the LEAST cute.

Here's why:  The characteristics most people associate with cuteness include big eyes, chubby cheeks, and cooing sounds.  Biologists think we evolved to have those traits as babies because it encourages our moms to love us even more.

And they're all traits that a lot of babies don't have until they're about six months old.

Of course, some people go nuts over ANY baby.  And most parents think their kids are cute from the get go.  But if you're not immediately blown away by your kid's looks, don't worry.

The researchers hope the study helps new parents realize it's totally normal for your baby to look like a weird little alien for a while.  

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