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New Trend Alert: Re-usable CLOTH toilet paper


 I'll share basically anything with my family, even stuff I won't share with anyone else . . . like my money or a reasonable amount of bites from my ice cream.  But this . . . this is too far, man.

According to Buzzfeed, reusable CLOTH TOILET PAPER is becoming trendy.

Yep, instead of regular toilet paper, you use something called a "family cloth" . . . and then you throw it in the hamper.  Some unlucky family member washes it in the laundry, and then you use it again.

It seems people mostly use them after going number #1.  And most families have a set of several cloths . . . so maybe they don't get THAT dirty?

There are some good reasons to use one, too:  It's better for the environment . . . better for your plumbing . . . and even possibly better for YOU, since over-wiping with paper can potentially cause health issues like urinary tract infections.

But still.  Do those really outweigh the negatives?

One woman who uses the family cloth told Buzzfeed, quote, "Using disposable toilet paper was literally flushing money down the toilet!"  And why doesn't she think this is gross?  Quote, "Do you throw away your underpants after every use?" 

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