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You can DIE from looking at your phone too long!

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Here's a reminder to . . . you know . . . look up from your phone once in a while.

There's a 47-year-old woman who was traveling across China on a train last week.  She was lying down on her side, looking at her phone.  And she didn't move from that position for the entire TWENTY HOURS. 

So when she got off the train in Guangzhou, China . . . she fainted on the platform.

 She was rushed to the hospital, where the surgeons found she had two life-threatening BLOOD CLOTS on her BRAIN.

 The neurologist who treated her says, quote, "We think she kept the same posture for too long, which compressed the blood vessels on the right side of her neck."

Fortunately, they were able to remove the blood clots and the woman is recovering.

When reporters went to interview her in her hospital room, she was in bed . . . staring at her phone. 

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