An honest gas station employee gives $1 Million away!

Getty Images

A Kansas lottery player is $1 million richer thanks to a little luck ... and a whole lot of honesty from gas station employees.

The man says he and his brother were on their way home when they stopped into a gas station to check his lottery tickets and then left. What he didn't realize is that they had dropped one of the tickets on the floor and got back into the car.

Gas station employees found it on the floor, scanned the bar-code and discovered that it was a $1 million winner. 

Rather than keep the ticket for themselves, they did something truly amazing. They tracked down the rightful owner.

The man says he had already been home for an hour when he decided to go out to run another errand. As he drove past the gas station, the owner's son spotted him and pulled up behind him. He flagged him down and explained what had happened. 

He told him that the ticket was worth $1 million and handed it over to him. The man was shocked by the store's honestly and said it restored his faith in humanity.

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