Jason Aldean might return to Vegas to finish his set after shooting

Getty Images

There's a chance the Route 91 Survivors may get their wish of having JASON ALDEAN return to Vegas and finish his set from the night of the tragedy.

He says he's considering it, but, quote, "It's not as easy as snapping your fingers and saying, 'Okay, we'll be there next week.'  It's a little bit of a process.  We're talking about it . . . I can say that.  We've had the discussion.

"I completely understand where they're coming from, and I appreciate the gesture.  I appreciate that they want us to come back and finish the show, and that they want to come see it."

In the meantime he's dedicating his new album, "Rearview Town", to the victims and the people who were there.  Quote, "That was just something I wanted to do on a personal note, for me."

But don't expect it to have a tribute song.  Quote, "I didn't feel the need to go back in and record a 'Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)'-type of moment for the record."  "Rearview Town" is out April 13th.