A woman takes a DNA test and finds out her Dad is not who she thought!!

If you take a DNA test, I guess you have to brace yourself for what you might find out.  Because it could be INSANE like this

A 36-year-old woman named Kelli Rowlette from Benton County, Washington did one of those online DNA tests from Ancestry.com last year.  And there was a big surprise in her results.

Her father, Howard Fowler, wasn't listed as her father.  Instead, the test said her father was a man named Gerald Mortimer.

Who was that?  Her parents' fertility doctor.

It turns out that her parents had trouble conceiving, so they went to Dr. Mortimer, and he suggested mixing Howard's sperm with some from a donor who had a higher sperm count and looked like Howard.

But he didn't find a good donor . . . so he secretly provided the extra sample himself.

Now Kelli and her parents are SUING Mortimer, his wife, and the clinic where they worked for medical negligence, battery, and fraud.  They're seeking $75,000 in damages.