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Has your Mom ever pretended to like a Mother's Day gift?

 Here's a fun idea for Mother's Day.  Start it out by accusing your mom of being a LIAR.

According to a new survey, 40% of us think our mom has FAKED a reaction to a Mother's Day gift and pretended to like something she hated.  The most common reaction to a bad gift is a simple "thank you."  So it really depends on HOW she says it.

The five most common fake reactions to a bad Mother's Day gift are saying "Thank you" . . . "Aww" . . . "I love it" . . . "Wow, this is great" . . . and "I really NEED one of these."

Here are four more stats from the survey . . .

 1.  On average, we'll spend $75 on Mom this year.  Middle children spend the most.

 2.  Two-thirds of us check with our siblings to see what they're getting Mom before we buy a gift.  Then about half of us try to ONE-UP them and buy something better.

 3.  The average person will write 43 words in their Mother's Day card, which is like two or three sentences.  So maybe try to push it to four or five.

4.  A card IS important.  According to the survey, it's one of the top five things moms want to get this year.  The top five are something sentimental . . . lunch or dinner with their kids . . . something homemade . . . a vacation . . . and a card. 

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