Doing Good: Officer saves unresponsive baby

A three-month-old baby in Florida is alive and well -- thanks a sheriff's deputy whose heroic act has gone viral.

Deputy Jeremie Nix was heading home after his shift when a car pulled over and stopped right in front of him. A woman frantically got out holding a baby boy and told Nix that he was "completely unresponsive."

Nix performed "several life-saving measures" while the boy's mother called for an ambulance, but nothing appeared to be working. Nix ultimately decided that waiting for the ambulance to arrive would take too long, so he took the child into his patrol car and rushed him to the hospital himself.

Luckily the hospital was just a half-mile away, so emergency room workers were able to treat the baby in time. Moments later, the baby was alert and responsive and is now said to be doing well thanks to Deputy Nix and his quick thinking.

The entire four-minute ordeal was captured on the officer's dashboard camera and has gone viral.