Dog "adopts" nine orphaned baby ducklings!

All eyes were on England earlier this week for the Royal Wedding. But another story from England was a bit overshadowed by the ceremony, involving a dog who adopted nine orphaned yellow ducklings.

The dog, a 10-year-old Labrador named Fred, is the resident pet at the Mountfitchet Castle, living and working with the staff of the property.

The castle is also home to many rescued animals, including deer, goats, chickens and peacocks.

Recently, nine orphaned ducklings were found wandering around -- so Fred stepped up and started caring for them.

When Fred goes swimming, the ducklings follow his lead and get in the water too. He even lets the ducklings hitch a ride on his back and head.

The staff says Fred is extremely gentle with the baby birds. And the ducks seem perfectly at ease with their patient and loving four-legged stay-at-home dad.

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