Youth Football team lift car to save a trapped woman!

A youth football team, fresh off of lifting the championship trophy, found themselves lifting a car to save a couple on the highway.

The Boise Black Knights had just won the Bay Area Spring Football League's Tournament of Champions in San Jose, California and were on their way home when they witnessed a car in front of them spin out of control and overturn.

Without hesitating, the players jumped out of their vans and rushed to help. They were able to pull a man out of the car but couldn't quite get the woman out. So the players grabbed hold of the car and lifted it up enough for one of them to pull the woman out. There is no word on their condition.

The team's coach, Rudy Jackson, said, "Me right now talking about it, I'm getting emotional. Because I've watched these boys grow. And they came a long way. They're amazing young men."