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Women should only work 34 hours per week!

Women's equality needs to happen, and we're still not there. 

But one big pitfall has been that women have to do EVERYTHING now.  And this study might sound sexist until you hear the reasoning behind it . . .

A new study in Australia found women should only work a maximum of 34 hours a week to avoid workplace burn-out.  But men can work up to 47 hours.  And it's only because of all the OTHER stuff women have on their plate.

Researchers found that women are more likely to feel exhausted by their work schedule because of all the work they do outside the office that DOESN'T come with a paycheck.

In general, women spend more time dealing with the kids and taking care of stuff at home.  Which isn't fair.  But even in 2018, it still tends to be the reality.

To be clear, the study looked at men and women in GENERAL.  Obviously plenty of women have no problem working just as many hours as men.  And men who shoulder more of the load at home get burnt out faster too.

One of the authors of the study says a potential solution would be for women to work less and get paid MORE to compensate them for all the other stuff they do.  But they admit that probably won't happen anytime soon 

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