NHL star loses tip of finger during Stanley Cup win!

I know rugby is the trendy "tough guy sport" these days, but let's never forget what MONSTERS hockey players can be.

BROOKS ORPIK of the Washington Capitals lost the tip of his pinky during Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals . . . and he just got it stitched back on and KEPT PLAYING.  Seriously.  He didn't miss any time.

Talking to reporters yesterday, he said it, quote, "kinda fell off."

If you're already getting queasy, you might want to cover your ears for a second, because Brooks is underplaying this quite a bit.  The finger didn't "kinda fall off" . . . it was SLASHED OFF by a hockey stick.

The wielder of said hockey stick was ERIK HAULA of the Vegas Golden Knights.  For slicing off a guy's finger with a wooden stick, Haula got five minutes in the penalty box. 

Photo: Getty Images