Subway worker shatters vegan woman's world! LOL

Vegans pride themselves on how hardcore they are.  Which is why this is funny.  I mean, tragic if you're a vegan . . . but great for the rest of us.  Some guy who works at Subway was making a sandwich for a woman who ordered a Veggie Delight recently.

And she asked him to change his gloves, because she's vegan and didn't want him touching meat before he touched her sandwich.  Which is totally fine.  But then she also asked for MAYO, which ISN'T vegan.  It contains egg whites.  And when he told her that fact, it SHATTERED her entire world.

He says she went silent and just looked totally "defeated" . . . like being vegan suddenly went from pretty easy to totally impossible.  Then in the end, she STILL told him to put mayo on it.  So apparently a bunch of vegetables between two dry pieces of bread was just a bridge too far.

Photo: Getty Images