Ramen theft! Who would want THIS much ramen???

Who has the STORAGE SPACE to commit this kind of a crime?

The police in Fayette County, Georgia are investigating after thieves managed to steal $98,000 worth of RAMEN NOODLES a few weeks ago.

And think about JUST how many packs of ramen noodles that is for a second.  If they cost approximately 30 cents each . . . which is a high estimate . . . that's like 327,000 packages. 

The ramen packages were in a 53-foot trailer that was parked at a Chevron station when the thieves took them.  Do these guys know they could steal, like, one four-carat diamond and it would have the same value?

Anyway, the cops are trying to find the thieves and the giant supply of missing noodles. 

Photo: Getty Images