You won't believe how much money birthday fundraisers on Facebook have made

Have your Facebook friends been hitting you up for cash lately by creating "birthday fundraisers" for their favorite charities?

Facebook added a feature about a year ago that lets you ask for donations in lieu of presents . . . even though literally NO ONE was buying presents for their Facebook friends before this.

And some people think they're a little annoying, just because of how CONSTANT they are.  Like, multiple times a week if you've got a lot of friends on there.

But the good news is they ARE actually doing a lot of good.

A woman named Asha Sharma heads up Facebook's "Social Good" initiative.  And on Wednesday, she revealed that all those fundraisers brought in $300 MILLION for charity in their first year.

The charities that have gotten the most money so far include St. Jude's Children's Hospital . . . the Alzheimer's Association . . . the American Cancer Society . . . No Kid Hungry . . . and the ASPCA. 

Photo: Getty Images

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