Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson match will be golf's first pay-per-view!

There's more on the TIGER WOODS / PHIL MICKELSON $9 million, winner-take-all match that's happening on November 23rd.

For starters, there's been some playful trash-talking, mostly from Phil . . . who Tweeted, quote, "I bet you think this is the easiest $9M you will ever make," with the 'LOL' emoji.

Tiger replied, quote, "I think I'm minus-180 right now.  That's all I've got to say."

He's referring to the current betting odds.  It's a little complicated, but since Tiger is the current favorite at 'minus-180,' that means you'd need to bet $180 on him to win $100, plus your original wager.  Phil is 'plus-150,' so $100 on him would net $150.

Tiger also said that the event will be on pay-per-view, and he's not worried about fans being priced out because everyone is okay buying boxing and MMA fights.

Tiger also said that he and Phil will be doing SIDE BETS throughout the match . . . like a longest drive challenge, and a closest to the pin challenge.  That money will be donated to charity.

And Phil said they're talking about a non-monetary penalty for the loser, but they haven't decided what that'll be yet.