The Rock sends emotional video to teen who lost his mom and sister

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has  recorded a special message for a young fan who lost his mother and sister in a car accident.

On Saturday, Angelo Pizarro tweeted a photo of his mom, Aileen, posing with one of the star's movie posters. The 19-year-old wrote, "My beautiful mom who passed away loved @TheRock so so SO much. I'm trying to get him to do even a video saying her name for the funeral. If you could retweet the crap outta this for him to see it that'd mean the world. Thank you!"

The post got tens of thousands of retweets and the attention of The Rock, who then sent Angelo a personal video message.

In it, the Skyscraper star said, "I believe from what I'm told, your mom was a very, very big fan of mine. So, anyway man, I am sending you so much love and light and strength your way, from my family to yours." 

In his response to The Rock, the teen says he knows his mom is smiling — and that makes him smile, too.

Pizarro's mom and little sister were killed in a high-speed crash with a wrong-way driver on a Southern California interstate. That driver, who was also killed, was 18-year-old Trevor Heitmann, a YouTube star known online by McSkillet.

Photo: Getty Images