Fortnite horror story!!

If you've got a kid, there's a decent chance they're obsessed with playing "Fortnite".  Let's just hope you curb that obsession before it turns into a situation like THIS.

There's a woman named Britta Hodge in Sydney, Australia.  And she says her 14-year-old is BEYOND addicted to "Fortnite".

She says he only leaves the house once a week . . . he doesn't go to SCHOOL anymore . . . and when she tried to take away his PS4, he HEADBUTTED her.

She's been bringing in doctors and experts to try to break his addiction, but nothing is working.

And while she keeps trying to figure out how to help him, now she says she's sharing their story to raise awareness about video game addiction. 

I'm no expert, but take the dang thing away.... hello!!

Photo: Getty Images