Moon Landing movie won't show planting of US Flag!

Some people think the new movie "First Man" is anti-American for not including a shot of BUZZ ALDRIN and NEIL ARMSTRONG planting the American flag on the moon.  Now Buzz has weighed in on it . . .

He posted some photos of the ACTUAL moment on Twitter over the weekend, with a hashtag that said, "proud to be an American."  So it sounds like he DOES think it should have been included.

But Neil's sons issued a joint statement saying they DON'T think it's a big deal.  They said there are several shots of the flag after it's been planted on the moon.  There's just no scene of it BEING planted.

They also talked about how the movie isn't really about the landing itself.  It focuses on Neil, and the details behind the mission. And while it does celebrate an American achievement, it also celebrates an "achievement for all mankind."  

Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong.  And he defended the decision last week, saying the filmmakers chose to view the moon landing as a "HUMAN achievement."  Then Senator Marco Rubio got on Twitter and called it "total lunacy."

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