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Holy cow, the Browns WON!?!?!

Something happened last night that hasn't happened in 635 days.  The Cleveland Browns actually WON a game.  Yeah, the Browns played . . . and the OTHER team lost.

It didn't catch everyone by surprise.  Vegas had them as three-point favorites against the New York Jets . . . and that was the first time in THREE YEARS the Browns were favored to win a home game.

But they needed help, from back-up rookie quarterback BAKER MAYFIELD.

The Jets were up 14-0 just before halftime, when Browns quarterback TYROD TAYLOR left the game with a head injury.  Taylor had been horrendous, and Browns fans were chanting for Mayfield to make his big debut.

Baker entered with 1:45 left in the half, and immediately breathed life into the offense.  The Browns went down the field and got a field goal, and when they came back out in the second half, Mayfield proved it wasn't a fluke.

His first big play was CATCHING a pass for a successful two-point conversion.  Basically it was the 'Philly Special,' thrown by receiver Jarvis Landry.

Mayfield finished the game completing 17-of-23 passes for 201 yards.  He didn't have a touchdown pass, but pretty much all of his throws were right on the money.

The Browns won 21-17, and with their Week One tie, they're now the 14th team in history to have a record of 1-1-1.  The Steelers started the season 1-1-1 in 1974 . . . and they went on to win the Super Bowl.  So, there's hope for Cleveland!!! 

By the way, Baker didn't win the game alone, there was also a LUCKY POSSUM that some Browns fans caught in the stadium.  It's unclear how it got into the stands, or why Browns fans were willing to touch it.

Check out some pics from when the bud light fridges in bars around Cleveland opened celebrating their first win in a LONG LONG time!

Photo: Getty Images

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