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Lindsay Lohan gets punched on Instagram Live while trying to take some kids

LINDSAY LOHAN is in a bizarre place right now . . . literally and figuratively.   Because over the weekend, she livestreamed herself in Russia, being punched by a homeless woman, after she tried to take the woman's children.

It's complicated and weird, but here's what we know:

TMZ says that Lindsay was in Moscow, when she just came across a homeless family . . . two adults and two young boys.  She got out of her car and confronted the family LIVE on her Instagram.

She claimed they were Syrian refugees, and at first she was being nice and offering to help them.  But then she tried to lure the kids back to her hotel to watch movies.  

She talked to the family in both Arabic and English.  And when she spoke in English, she went in and out of that weird accent she's been using.

The family was NOT interested in Lindsay's help.  After several minutes, they got up and started walking away.

But Lindsay followed and continued to harass them . . . saying that they were, quote, "ruining Arab culture by doing this."

She accused them of CHILD TRAFFICKING, but didn't explain why.  Maybe because the kids wanted to come with her, but the parents wouldn't let them.  She kept following them, and at one point she tried to physically GRAB the kids.


You don't actually see the punch, you just see the camera shake.  Then you see Lindsay CRYING and saying, quote, "You guys, I'm so scared."  Then it ends.  Lindsay and her reps haven't commented on the situation.

Lindsay took down the video, but someone captured and posted parts of it.

Photo: Getty Images

Uncensored video below:

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