Doing Good: Deputy pushes woman home on dead scooter

Sometimes it's the little things police officers do that make a big difference, and one California deputy is getting a lot of attention for going above and beyond for an elderly woman.

Deputies Chapman and Montanez responded to a call about a hazard in the road. They arrived to find a woman sitting in a motorized wheelchair that had lost power.

The deputies offered her a ride home, but she didn't want to leave her scooter behind, because it's her only means of getting around. Unfortunately, the scooter was too big to fit in the police car, so Montanez got out of the car and offered to push her and the motorized scooter home.

Montanez pushed the woman home, about one mile, as Chapman slowly followed behind in the car. When the woman arrived at home, she thanked Montanez for his good deed.