Video showing DiGiorno boxes at a Little Caesars going viral!!

little caesars pizza getty

This is a bad look for Little Caesars, even though it's a coincidence.  A short Twitter video is going viral right now that shows a bunch of DiGiorno frozen pizza boxes at a Little Caesars in Indiana.

Now . . . there's actually a good reason.  The Little Caesars is part of a Kmart, and someone had returned those DiGiorno pizzas because they were expired.  And the shopping cart of the frozen pizzas just so happened to be by the Little Caesars counter.

But until people found that out, it LOOKED like Little Caesars was trying to pass off the frozen pizzas as their own . . . and people have REALLY jumped on them on social media. 

I have to tell you who HAS been selling other people's food and that's SUBWAY! Yep, I was at a subway on a road trip at a truck stop and the sandwich artist was telling everyone "I just have to warn you this turkey, ham and roast beef is from Kroger because we ran out".  Well I ended up getting a turkey sub anyway. It was OK, but it definitely wasn't subway meat.  So weird!!

Photo: Getty Images

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