Capri Sun Mold video going viral

This Columbus father found mold in his son's capri sun pouch and went viral sharing it on facebook.  But he's not the first one, I remember seeing this years ago and honestly I haven't bought the pouches again since!  I'm not sure kool-aid or hi-c is any better but those are the juices I buy now for my family.  I'm scarred!  That's SO gross!

Plus Capri Sun's website even admits it is an issue and that's why they use clear bottoms???

This is part of their response from their website's FAQs:

"We're so sorry you encountered mold! It's unpleasant, but it's unlikely to make you or your child sick. Although it's rare, it is possible for food mold to grow inside containers of preservative-free juice drinks if the pouch is compromised or punctured in any way on its journey from our facilities to your grocery stores. Even if the hole is microscopic and not visibly detectable, it can be exposed to air. The mold is naturally-occurring, and we understand your concerns. That's why we created our clear bottom pouches so you can check for mold before enjoying your Capri Sun, while still remaining committed to keeping our drinks free of artificial preservatives’