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The most popular Halloween costumes for 2018

Halloween is just about two weeks away, and if you don't know what you're going to dress up as . . . this might help!

A new survey asked people what costumes they think will be the most popular this year. 

Here are the top three hero costumes:


1.  Black Panther, 13%


2.  Wonder Woman, 10%


3.  "Fortnite" skins, 9%

The rest of the most popular costumes include Deadpool (7%), Captain America (5%), The Incredibles (5%), Iron Man (4%), Harley Quinn (3%), Thor (2%), Hulk (1%), Black Widow (1%), Aquaman (1%), Gamora (1%), and Han Solo (1%).



Meanwhile, the top three celebrity costumes are:


1.  Donald Trump, 35%


2.  Cardi B, 5%


3.  Stormy Daniels, 4%

The rest of the celebrities who made the list include Meghan Markle (4%), Beyoncé (3%), LeBron James (2%), Kim Kardashian (2%), Kanye West (1%), Ariana Grande (1%), and Melania Trump (1%).

 The survey also found only 15% of men and 8% of women plan to dress up as something "scary" . . . and only 1% of men and 15% of women are going for "sexy." 

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