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Check out Sets That Were Used in Two Different Movies

Did you ever watch one movie, and think you recognize the location from ANOTHER movie?  Movie sets get re-used all the time.  Here are some classic examples . . .

1.  The bank that Dr. Octopus robs in "Spider-Man 2" is the same one where ADAM SANDLER tries to get a job in "The Wedding Singer".

2.  Kermit the Frog's mansion in "The Muppets" is also the mansion in "The Big Lebowski".

3.  The repair shop where JIM CARREY picks up his car in "The Mask" is also the headquarters of the original "Ghostbusters".

4.  The train station where Superman defeats General Zod in "Man of Steel" is also where Michael sat alone on a bench in "My Best Friend's Wedding".

5.  The high school in "Pretty in Pink" is also the high school in "A Nightmare on Elm Street".

6.  Charles Xavier's school for gifted youngsters in "X-Men" is ADAM SANDLER's mansion in "Billy Madison".



(Check out more examples, and pictures, here.)

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