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Pete Davidson is rebounding from Ariana Grande with.... Kate Beckinsale?!?!

kate beckinsale

 It's time for another episode of everyone's favorite game show, "How the Hell Does He Do It?"  This week, our special guest is PETE DAVIDSON, thbutthole-eyed comedian from "Saturday Night Live".

Last we heard, Pete was engaged to, then dumped by, the very beautiful ARIANA GRANDE.  But don't cry for Pete just yet, because it looks like he's found love again.  And once again, she's way above his paygrade, physically speaking.

At a "Golden Globes" after-party, Pete was spotted putting the moves on KATE BECKINSALE . . . and she was totally into him.

A source says, quote, "They were being very flirty together, they were sitting very close on the outside patio seating.  Kate had her hand on his knee, and she kept laughing at all his jokes."

They left around 11:30, but NOT together. 

Still, it sounds like they hit it off, leaving the rest of us to wonder . . . HOW THE HELL DOES HE DO IT?

Photo: Getty Images

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