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If you want a low stress, six figure job there is just ONE in America...

 I guess you can either make money or have a relaxing life.  There's basically NO in between.

"U.S. News and World Report" just put out their annual list of the best-paying jobs in America, which features a lot of different types of doctors and management jobs.

But only ONE job had below-average stress and good work-life balance . . . orthodontists.

All of the rest of the jobs that have six-figure salaries have above-average stress, a bad work-life balance, or both.

Orthodontists avoid that because they usually don't have to handle medical emergencies, and they have more flexibility with their hours.

So is it possible to make good money but still have a low-stress, balanced life?  A career counselor says it is, but you have to make those things a priority and work to have them.

That means figuring out why your job is stressful and figuring out ways to reduce it . . . setting boundaries with your work hours so you can spend time at home . . . and adding in things like exercise and breaks so you don't burn out. 

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