Eagles star visits school who wrote him letter after dropping pass!

 Eagles receiver ALSHON JEFFERY had a rough game last weekend, when a pass went right through his hands . . . and ended up being a game-losing interception that eliminated Philly from the playoffs.

After the game, a second grade class wrote him letters of support . . . including one girl named Abigail whose letter went viral.

She said, quote, "I'm a huge Eagles fan.  When I watched the play last night I was crying.  It's okay to lose a game.  You don't always have to win.  We couldn't have won the Super Bowl without you last year. I think you are an awesome player, no matter what.  It takes lots of practice and courage to catch a ball . . . I think you're a good athlete . . . don't give up on playing."

Well, yesterday, Alshon made a surprise visit to Abigail's school, and posed for photos with the students.  They were pretty shocked when he walked in, with one kid immediately asking if he could sign his sweatshirt.

This is the sweetest thing!  Really!