Drinkable chips coming soon!

Potato Chips Getty Image

Do you ever finish off a bag of chips or a can of Pringles, then dump the crumbs straight into your mouth? Of course you do. But would you buy a full bag of chips like that?

A Japanese company is a new product called "One Hand Chips" that come PRE-CRUSHED. So you essentially 'drink' them straight out of the bag, and won't be getting your hands all greasy.

They were supposed to be for people who just love crumbs. But now they're marketing them to millennials who want to use their PHONE while they eat.

It looks like One-Hand Chips are only available in Japan for now. So you'll either have to go there to try them . . . or just buy some chips and crush them yourself. 

You may have heard about something similar last year called Fail Chips , but those never actually went on sale and turned out to just be part of a marketing campaign .

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