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What women REALLY want for Valentine's Day

Alright guys... it's SOOOOO simple... if you want to have a good Valentine's Day all you need to do is 3 things. Get her a romantic dinner, flowers and candy. Yep that's it.

67% of women said they want their Valentine's Day plans to include a romantic dinner . . . 49% said sex . . . 47% said they want to "be intimate" . . . 47% hope to get flowers . . . and 43% want chocolate. Here are six more stats from the survey . . .

1. 56% of women said they feel a LOT of pressure to have a date for Valentine's Day.

2. A quarter of the women in the poll said they've hung out with an ex on Valentine's Day, or even gotten back together with them, so they wouldn't be alone.

3. 29% of women said they'd like to try something new in BED for Valentine's Day.

4. 57% of women think Valentine's Day is overrated. But two-thirds said they like it to at least some degree.

5. 23% of women would rather do something unconventional for Valentine's Day, like go on a group date or spend the day with friends.

6. About 25% of millennial women think being proposed to on Valentine's Day is tacky. 

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