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Happy Valentine's Day- here's what you need to know about today

1. Only 51% of Americans are planning to celebrate Valentine's Day. That's down from 55% last year . . . and way down from the record high of 63% in 2007.

2. But spending will be at an all-time high . . . people will spend an average of $162, up from $143 last year.

3. Men plan to spend more than double what women plan to spend.

4. Engaged people spend the most of any type of couples on Valentine's Day . . . people who are dating are second . . . and married people spend the least.

5. 7% of single people say they spend an "unlimited" amount of money on themselves on Valentine's Day. 

6. 6% of people have spent more than $500 on Valentine's Day at some point in the past. 4% of people have never spent a dime on it.

7. The top five things women want to do the most on Valentine's Day are: Go out to dinner . . . get takeout and drink wine . . . have a good conversation . . . have sex . . . and read a book.

 The top five things men want to do the most on Valentine's Day are: Go out to dinner . . . have sex . . . get a drink at a bar . . . get takeout and drink wine . . . watch sports on TV.

8. 41% of people who own a pet say they'll probably post a Valentine's Day picture of that pet on social media today. And half of women and a third of men will remember to say "I love you" to their pet.

9. And a new study found that if, after a lonely Valentine's Day, you're looking for a relationship that could go the distance, it's more important to find someone who's KIND and emotionally STABLE than someone who has a similar personality to you.

10.13% of people LOVE Valentine's Day, and say it's the best holiday of the entire year, according to a new survey. But . . . 5% of people feel the exact opposite, and say it's the most depressing.

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