Miranda Lambert's new husband is now too famous for his job!?!

MIRANDA LAMBERT's police officer husband Brendan McLoughlinis no longer walking the beat in Times Square. He's been pulled off the streets because he's become a celebrity. He's now a driver for the "higher-ups." 

According to the"New York Post", reporters were following him around, and tourists were trying to get selfies and autographs. It was too distracting for his fellow officers. 

A police source said, quote, "It would be hard to do his job with [everyone] hounding him." By the way, this isn't a demotion. He still has his gun and shield.

Okay, here's another surprise from the past about Brendan. He was the cover model on a romance novel called,"Lincoln Hospital". When the writer found out about him and Miranda she hit up because . . . publicity.