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People admit to the most basic word they've completely forgotten

Have you ever been talking and, suddenly, forgotten a totally basic word? You're DEFINITELY not alone.

People on Twitter are sharing the best basic word they've forgotten. It's all inspired by a guy with a physics Ph.D. who says he forgot "photon," which is a basic word in his line of work, so, quote, "I had to call it a 'shiny crumb' in front of my colleagues."

Here are some of the best ones . . .

1. "[My friend] once forgot the word for what she wanted in a restaurant and tried to explain with 'like a really REALLY wet salad.' Soup. She wanted soup."

2. "I forgot the word 'banana' . . . I said, 'It comes in its own case, it's yellow.'"

3. "My 17-year-old forgot the word 'foal' . . . and called it a 'horse puppy' instead."

4. "Thanks to a random brain freeze I forgot my husband's name when introducing him to the chairman of the company where I worked."

5. "I'm a horticulturist . . . and I got my organisms and orgasms mixed up in front of a large group of 18-year-old boys." 

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