Southwest Airlines rescues bridesmaid dress for passenger!

A Houston woman was honored to be a bridesmaid in her friend’s destination wedding, so she hopped on a Southwest Airlines flight and arrived in Costa Rica. Unfortunately, she forgot to bring her bridesmaid dress along.

In a panic, the woman – who wishes to remain anonymous – asked a friend to reach out on Twitter to ask the airline for help.

It turned out that Southwest was more than happy to help the woman out of this embarrassing mess.

The dress was put on the next flight to Costa Rica – and Southwest even updated its Twitter followers on the progress of the mission, going so far as to add a special hashtag to make it easy to monitor online: #RescueTheDress.

It all worked out. The dress arrived in Costa Rica on Friday, in plenty of time for the ceremony on Sunday. Operation #RescueTheDress was a success.

Lesson: The best route to go these days for help of any kind... social media #truth

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