Did Colton lose "it" on the Bachelor last night??

COLTON UNDERWOOD's virginity was the biggest subplot of "The Bachelor" this season. So did he escape the show with his forbidden fruit unbitten? It's not clear, but it seems likely that Colton did indeed BECOME A MAN.

As you probably know by now, Colton dumped the final two women,Hannah G.andTayshia, to go after Cassie. . . who had previously dumped HIM.

Well, after some convincing, he got Cassie to give him a chance. And in no time, they were spending the night in the FANTASY SUITE.

During his confessional the next morning he refused to admit anything. But he did say, quote, "I feel like a new man. We had an amazing night. We did what was best for our relationship and we grew as a couple."

He and Cassie also admitted they didn't get much sleep, and Cassie said, quote, "My calf still hurts."

On a related note, HANNAH B. a former Miss Alabama beauty queen from Tuscaloosa Alabama is your next"Bachelorette"!