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Leonado DiCaprio has never dated anyone under the age of 25!

LEONARDO DICAPRIO likes 'em young. Not "R. Kelly young", mind you. But he obviously isn't interested in women his own age. And he gives his ladies a limited shelf life that would make our dear president jealous.

The fact is, Leo has NEVER been attached to a woman over the age of 25 . . . and someone made a handy graph to prove it. Check it out . . .

In 1999, when Leo was 24, he hooked up with 18-year-old GISELE BUNDCHEN. They broke up five years later, in 2004 . . . when he was 29 and she was 23.

In 2005, he started dating BarRefaeli. He was 30, she was 20. They lasted until 2010, when he was 35 and she had reached his limit of 25.

In 2011, he dated BLAKE LIVELY, who was 23 to his 36. The following year he hooked up withErin Heatherton, who was 22.

From 2013 to 2014 he dated Toni Garnn. By the time they broke up, she was 21 to his 39. In 2015 he fooled around with some old hag named Kelly Rohrbach, who was 25. He never had to buy her a 26th birthday present.

In 2016 he hooked up with Nina Agdal, but he got rid of her after she turned 25 the following year.

And now he's with a young lady named Camila Morrone. She's 21.

Leo turned 44 this past November.

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