Nicholas Cage makes a scene getting a new marriage license

NICOLAS CAGE never seemed like the kind of guy who would enter into a commitment like marriage lightly. 

I'm sure the decision to marry his girlfriend Erika Koike was approached with the same careful consideration he gave to his first three marriages. Which is why it's SO STRANGE to see him apparently out of his mind, and possibly intoxicated, when he and Erika went to the Las Vegas courthouse to apply for their marriage license.

Can you sense the sarcasm here??

There's video of Nic pointing at Erika and loudly proclaiming, quote, "She's got a drug dealer as a boyfriend. I'm not doing it." To which she replies, quote, "I never asked you to." (Check it out here.)

Witnesses say Nic was referring to an EX-boyfriend, and he also said stuff like, "She is going to take all my money."

But they were taken to a private room, and they left with the necessary papers, so apparently the wedding is still on. And I've got a good feeling about this one.

Photo: Getty Images