Another DRINK mistake in Game of Thrones finale?

Say what you want about the final season of "Game of Thrones", one thing is VERY clear. During filming, the cast was very, very . . . THIRSTY.

A couple episodes back, a coffee cup accidentally made its way into a scene . . . and now, fans noticed two PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES in Sunday's series finale . . . in two different shots.

The first goof occurs at 46 minutes, 19 seconds into the episode . . . it's sitting behind Samwell Tarly's foot. The appears a few minutes later, between the feet of Ser Davos Seaworth and Gendry Baratheon. 

HBO hasn't responded. To be fair, this was after some extremely angry dragon action, so maybe these characters were just trying to stay hydrated?

Some fans are using these mistakes to support their claims that the final season was rushed and sloppy . . . but this stuff happens all the time. One website listedseveral goofs from previous seasons of"Game of Thrones", which include accidental laptop power cords and a character wearing jeans.

HBO hasn't responded, although there's a good chance the water bottles will be edited out, just like the coffee cup was.