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Casey Anthony making a tell-all movie

Let's make a pact right now to never spend a single red cent to support this movie in any way, shape or form:

CASEY ANTHONY says she's making a tell-all movie based on her life that'll include her explanation of how her daughter Caylee died, and why she "drank and carried on" like nothing happened.

Oh, and because she was a party girl back in the day... One scene will even show how she got pregnant. (Because we didn't all learn that in health class?)

The movie . . . if it ever happens . . . will be called"As I Was Told", which is a reference to the fact that she didn't report her daughter missing for 31 days.

She says the man who found Caylee's body told her to act like everything was normal and HE would take care of it . . . which she now realizes was a mistake.

She makes me sick trying to profit off of this horrible tragedy in any way. She truly deserves to be in prison right now.

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Casey Anthony Released From Jail

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