Doing Good: Pet Tracker helps find missing family dog

On the Fourth of July, a dog in New Rochelle, New York, named Tango ran away from his family during a fireworks display.

Tim Tamburello -- who happens to be a New York City firefighter and Army veteran -- spent five days tirelessly looking for Tango with the help of his wife, Dinorah.

Desperate to find their dog, Tim and Dinorah got together with a professional pet tracker named Kelly Brach and her dog Enzo.

Enzo wasn’t able to figure out exactly where Tango was, but he definitely got close -- about three miles away from home. That’s when Tim and Dinorah left a trail of items with their scent leading to their home.

Sure enough --Tango found the scent and found the items ... and followed the trail right home.

After a quick trip to the vet, Tango is back home home, recovering from his adventure and getting plenty of love from Tim and Dinorah.

--- who know there was a real life Ace Ventura: Pet Detective