Katy Perry loses lawsuit over "Dark Horse"

KATY PERRY has lost a lawsuit claiming that her song"Dark Horse"copied a 2009 Christian rap song called"Joyful Noise" by FLAME. A jury in L.A. decidedin favor of the plaintiffs following a seven-day trial.

"Dark Horse" is not an OBVIOUS copy . . . the synth beat in the two songs is similar, and the jury ruled that the song stole a key 16-second musical riff.

Katy's lawyer argued"Dark Horse"has an "unremarkable," simple beat . . . and that's the only element the two tracks have in common. She said that it's part of the "basic building blocks of music . . . that should be available to everyone."

Now, the jury will decide what Katy owes in damages.

For what it's worth, the"Dark Horse" songwriting credit is split six ways, and it includes Katy, the featured artistJ uicy J, and producer Dr. Luke. All of them have said they hadn't heard of Flame or"Joyful Noise" before writing "Dark Horse"

They also said that they don't listen to Christian music. 

Do you think they sound A LOT a like? I can hear similarities but can't believe they lost that lawsuit.

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