Doing Good: 6 year old helps kids feel welcome at new school

The first week of school can be rough for a lot of children, especially younger kids and those new to the school. Six-year-old Blake Rajahn of Fayetteville, Georgia, was well aware of this when he decided to do something to help his classmates feel welcome on the first day of school.

In honor of Blake's first day of school, his mother, Nikki, offered to make him a custom shirt. He could have put any sport or other hobby on that shirt. But instead, he asked if she would make him a shirt that read, “I will be your friend.”

The orange T-shirt with green text ended up being a welcoming message to all the kids who saw Blake, and let them know that he was there for them.

The shirt was such a hit that people began contacting Nikki through Facebook and ordering the shirts for their kids. Nikki is making the shirts and sending them out -- and donating some of the proceeds to a local shelter that helps families in need.

Because of Blake’s simple idea, kids all over are spreading kindness in their schools and money is being donated to those who need it most. (WCNC-TV)