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Teen gets electronics taken away... finds way to tweet through refrigerator

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I know kids go nuts if you take their phone away. But this is evil genius level stuff: There's a 15-year-old girl named Dorothy who goes by the online handle, @ThankUNext327. Her whole Twitter accountis basically an ode to Ariana Grande.

But her mom recently took her phone away after she got distracted and started a FIRE in the kitchen. So she had to get creative and search out other ways to get online.

First, she started tweeting from her Nintendo DS, until her mom confiscated that too. Then she realized she could post from her old Nintendo Wii.

A day later, she said she found out where her mom was hiding her DS and took it back, so she could respond to direct messages. But then her mom caught her AGAIN.

So at that point, she had no way to get online . . . until she realized she could send tweets through her parents' SMART REFRIGERATOR.

She said, quote, "I do not know if this is going to tweet. I am talking to my fridge. What the heck? My mom confiscated all of my electronics again."

She went radio silent for a few days after that. Then she posted one more time the other day after going viral, and thanked people for all the support.

Now the hashtag "FreeDorothy" is trending. And Twitter's official account even shared it. 

(Here's a screenshot of the one she posted from her fridge. Is it possible this whole thing is just a marketing stunt by LG? Stay tuned.)

Photo: Getty Images

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