Pitbull saves it's owner from a shark attack!!

A hero pit bull fought off a shark to save its owner after the man was attacked while fishing from shore in Bodega Bay, California, about three weeks ago.

James White had left the one-year-old dog, Darby, parked in his car a few yards away because he was close to traffic. After some time, White realized he had something big on his line, which turned out to be a six-foot-long sevengill shark.

As he tried to remove the hook from the shark, the animal flopped and bit into his leg, which started blood immediately pouring out because it hit an artery. White screamed for help from some fisherman a few hundred yards away when he couldn't remove the shark from his leg, but Darby got there first, jumping on the shark.

He first bit into its gills, which caused the shark to sink its teeth in deeper, but then Darby grabbed the shark by its tail and pulled it off his human. White was able to get the shark back in the water, and it swam away.

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