John Travolta did a thing at an award show. again.

Maybe JOHN TRAVOLTA should just stop doing award shows.Although frankly I hope he doesn't . . . because he's an UNINTENTIONAL COMEDY MACHINE.Last night's "MTV Video Music Awards" were held in New Jersey . . . Travolta's home state.So they brought him out to present Video of the Year with another New Jersey native, QUEEN LATIFAH.And he actually made a joke about his classic "Adele Dazeem" flub from the Oscars, when he handed Latifah the envelope and said, quote, "I shouldn't do this, because I'll just mispronounce [stuff] and [eff] [stuff] up."It was a funny joke, and it got a good laugh.So Latifah announced the winner, which was "You Need to Calm Down" by TAYLOR SWIFT.And Taylor brought her LGBT squad from the video up onstage with her.And it looks like Travolta accidentally tried to hand the trophy to a DRAG QUEEN by the name of Jade Jolie.(!!!)But, Jade does impersonate Taylor!!!

BTW:TAYLOR SWIFT is the Highest-Paid Woman in Music.She made $185 million over the past year. BEYONCÉ came in second with less than half that . . . $81 million.RIHANNA is third, with $62 million.