Kale candy canes are thing now

If you want to pull a hell of a prank on Christmas, here it is: Hand someone one of these green and white candy canes off the tree, then make sure you're taking a video when they start licking.

A candy and toy company called Archie McPhee just rolled out some new candy canes for Christmas . . . and the headliner are their KALE-FLAVORED candy canes.

They're green and white-striped like regular spearmint candy canes . . . but they taste like KALE.

They're also selling two other new flavors: Pizza . . . and ham.

Last year, they made thenewswith candy canes that tasted like mac and cheese. Those candy canes are available again this year.

If you're interested, you can buy a six-pack of any of the new candy cane flavors for $6.50 on theirwebsite