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Charlie Sheen backed out of Dancing With The Stars at the last minute!

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CHARLIE SHEEN was close to doing "Dancing with the Stars" this season, which definitely would've been interesting. But he backed out.

He told "Us" magazine, quote, "I was very flattered by ABC and their offer, but at the end of the day, I have two left feet and I just can't dance."

A lot of stars use that as their excuse . . . even though the POINT of the show is to help stars learn how to dance. If you're already a skilled dancer it isn't as much fun.

It's kind of shocking that Charlie didn't take it, because according to his agent, ABC offered Charlie a TV pilot as part of the deal. Apparently, this is one of the ways they entice people to do the show.

But somehow, it still wasn't enough.

(There was a time when Charlie was making $40 million a year on "Two and a Half Men", but most of that money is gone, and his estimated net worth is down to "just" $10 million.)

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